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We ask for your understanding, that we can only process innovation proposal by companies, Start-ups and institutions with preferably functional and patented prototype or which is already in serial production. Proposal by privat persons will not be processed. For submitting inventions and licensing offers, please contact our patent department.

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To ensure an evaluation of your innovation proposal we require a high quality of information. Proposals like „a phenomenally new material“ without any data will not be successful. Please be as precise as possible and highlight why your solution is better than existing solutions on the market.

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Please describe shortly and exactly what your innovation is about.
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Please describe the strengths and weaknesses of your innovation in detail. Facts and figures would be better than details like „very temperature resistant“ or „more power“ which are not sufficient. Please indicate absolute values whenever it would be possible.
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The more specific your proposal is formulated regarding potential fields of application, the easier your innovation can be successfully placed.

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We would kindly ask you to accept the following terms of use and the data protection policy.

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I. The Robert Bosch GmbH, P.O. Box 30 020 40, 70442 Stuttgart, (henceforth "Bosch") is interested in obtaining innovation offers concerning current and future Bosch products (henceforth "Innovation Offer") also from persons who are not associates of the Bosch Group (henceforth "Innovator"), and offers the online platform „APIS" (henceforth "Innovation Portal") for this purpose.

II. Innovator is interested in submitting his innovation offer to Bosch in order to enter into negotiations with Bosch on an acquisition of the rights in the Innovation by Bosch (henceforth "Negotiation").

III. Innovator may provide Bosch with confidential information concerning the Innovation Offer, i.e. drawings, sketches, designs, schedules and/or details on inventions, patent applications and know-how (henceforth "Information").

THEREFORE, Innovator and Bosch agree on the following terms of use of the Innovation Portal:

1. All of the Information shall remain the property of Innovator and the delivery of Information into the Innovation Portal shall neither be construed to grant Bosch a license or other right on the Information nor as acceptance of the Innovation Offer by Bosch. In case Bosch wants to enter into the Negotiation Bosch will inform Innovator via e-mail.

2. Once Innovator delivered his innovation offer into the Innovation Portal, Innovator cannot claim the return of the Information or, if the Negotiation does not take place, any advice on why Bosch did not enter into the Negotiation. Any negative decision may well be due to internal business considerations and should not be seen as a judgement as to the value of the Innovation Offer. Bosch will inform Innovator about any negative decision via e-mail.

3. Bosch will keep the Information confidential during a period of 2 years beginning with the time the Information is delivered into the Innovation Portal, unless the Information:

3.1 was already known by Bosch or publicly known at the time Innovator delivered his innovation offer into the Innovation Portal; or

3.2 becomes publicly known or known to Bosch through no wrongful act of Bosch after being delivered into the Innovation Portal; or

3.3 was received from a third party independently from the Innovation Portal; or

3.4 was independently developed by an employee, agent or consultant of Bosch without reference to the Innovation offer of Innovator.
While the Information will be treated with the same care Bosch normally exercises with its own business information Bosch cannot assume any further liability except in cases of intent or gross negligence or on account of fatal injury, physical injury or injury to health.

4. If Bosch is requested or required by a government or court order, or similar process, to disclose the Information, Bosch is entitled to do so without notifying Innovator.

5. Bosch reserves the right to develop internally innovations similar or identical with the innovation of the Innovation Offer independently from the Innovation Offer, or request or receive information on such innovations from other parties.

6. Both Bosch and Innovator agree that they shall be considered as independent parties and that the use of the Innovation Portal shall not be construed to create the relationship of employment, joint venture, partnership or association and that the Innovator is responsible for his own expenses and financial obligations incurred in the use of the Innovation Portal, e.g. the costs incurred for uploading the Information.

7. All disputes arising under the use of the Innovation Portal, including those that may originate from its use after its termination, shall be finally settled by a Court of Arbitration to be convened at Stuttgart applying German law but excluding the conflict of law regulations and the stipulations of international conventions regarding the international sale of goods. The Court of Arbitration shall consist of one (1) arbitrator who shall be a fully qualified lawyer. The Court of Arbitration shall act on the basis of the Rules of Arbitration (Edition 1998) of the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris.

8. These Terms of Use contain the entire understanding between Innovator and Bosch regarding the use of the Innovation Portal and supersede all other communications or understandings between the parties in respect thereto. No change or addition to any provision shall be binding unless it is in writing and signed by an authorized representative of both parties.

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